Sow Families We have decided to organize the background of our sow herd in the same manner as it evolved over the years. Since our early days in the breed, we have developed our herd based around our best sows and their offspring. It is our strong belief that any success our genetics achieved has been based on the strength of their mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. This offering will trace almost entirely back to four foundation sows. We will trace their influence through the sow herd and also the prominent descendent each has produced that have impacted our customers over the last number of years.

14-2 Quiet Giant Sow

Back in the early 2000’s, there were a lot of tall, narrow, big-topped, unsound Hampshires. Our focus at that time was commercial boar production with Premier Swine Genetics. We used two boars of that era, Blockbuster and his offspring, Quiet Giant. They were barrel-chested, square-legged, robust boars that generated two outstanding 8 litter sows from Blockbuster and several litter 15 and 21 sows, and the 14-2 sow from Quiet Giant. The 14-2 was phenotypically the most impressive sow on the farm and in our top two all-time. She was the last sow shown on any of our farm tours and a favorite of any visitor. Her second litter produced Frozen-In-Time and five litter 31 sows that were retained. Her fourth litter produced 2-5 by Black Label 5-1 from High Point and she is the mother of Coli-bob and Double Take. Coli-bob is the sire of Carry On. 14-2 was in production for 10 litters and stretched from one end of a standard 7 ft. farrowing crate to the other. She had a foot the size of a steer and the perfect hip and pin angulation to be an easy farrower and lived in our slatted, crated gestation barn all her life. She was an 800 lb. sow at her peak, not fat, just a giant. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, the Hampshire breed maintained a Brood Sow Hall of Fame and we were honored to have six sows achieve that distinction. 14-2 is the #1 sow in the Peter Farm Hall of Fame.

3-5 Homegrown 99-1 Sow

The 3-5 sow is the most phenotypically moderate of our foundation sows. She was derived from using another Hi Point sire, Homegrown 99-1 on a daughter of The Beast and traced back to one of the 8 litter Blockbuster sows mentioned in the previous narrative. We are convinced The Beast was a true generator and sought out his genetics in Throwback’s ancestry last year. The picture of 2-5 was taken as she carried her sec ond litter. That litter contained four 35 litter sisters sired by Homemade 17-4 and a good boar shared with Blaine Evans’ family called Hometown. This set of sows has generated great success. Three in our herd, and one purchased by Derek Moore that produced several winners from him, will be highlighted in our customer testimonial section. Two of the 35s are in this offering and are among our best today. In her fourth litter, we mated 3-5 to the last doses of Blockbuster available and saved three 14 litter gilts. Two of them in in the sow herd today and will be included in these sales. 14-2 of that pair produced a daughter of Thrift Shop that topped our February 2014 pig sale, selling to McLemore and Lambright. That gilt produced Carry Out, 2015 NBS top selling boar and the top selling Hamp boar at Duncan last fall. We lost 3-5 last year, but her presence is still strong through the 35s and 14s and their many daughters.

2-8 Black Label 5-1 Sow

This sow is pictured and named as a representative of 3 full sisters that were produced in three consecutive matings of Black Label 5-1, yet another Hi Point sire used extensively during 2009 and 2010 in our herd. Karl and I attended Brent’s open house in the fall of 2008 and saw Black Label 5-1. We purchased a breeding interest in him that year and he is in the pedigrees of nearly all of the winning hogs sired by Frozen-In-Time and Thrift Shop from 2010 until today. The mother of the 2-8, 20-2, and 1-2 sisters was a Sweet Tea daughter. Dave and Jim Kilmer were good enough to allow us the use of him as we were rebuilding our Hampshire numbers in 2007 and the pair of 20 litter sows out of him, 20-2 and 20-6, produced the 2-8 sow family and the Frozen-In-Time Res. Champion gilt at Duncan in 2012, purchased by Mike Watson, that generated Speechless and his boar Top Hat 14-8, sire of Flat Bill. 2-8, herself, is the mother of the Champion Hamp barrow at the 2012 WPX and the top bred gilt in our November, 2014 Bred Female sale, going to Todd Hopkins, IN. That gilt produced the Champion Hamp barrow at the 2015 MO State Fair Jr. Show and the Res. Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2016 JSA event in Louisville, KY this summer. The influence of this sow family in our herd today is all granddaughters and great-granddaughters, but they are still generating sows with natural width, correct design, and productivity.

25-7 Affirmative Sow

This is our only living foundation sow, having farrowed in 2010. She is a daughter of Affirmative, the Champion Boar at the 2009 STC and top selling boar that year. The mother of 25-7 is a daughter of DMP Winfield, a homegrown A.I. derived son of an old line Hamp boar at SGI. Raised by Steve Settles, Winfield 14-3 had been a popular mid-90s boar at the WPX. We had several big-boned, correct, highly productive females from the Winfield line. 25-7 is easily the most genetically powerful of that family and her first litter, sired by a “young” Point Taken, produced “Lucy”, the top selling pig of our 2013 spring crop. Lucy was shown by Brendin Hardin to a 3rd place ranking at the 2013 WPX and the Hardin family was kind enough to allow us to reacquire her. She was then mated to Double Take and produced the litter 37 gilts retained in 2015. 25-7 also produced an outstanding set of 63 litter daughters, sired by Point Maker 72-7 in May of 2014. They are elite young sows. 25-7 has consistently transmitted her extra heaviness of skeleton, correct design, and superior productivity through her offspring. She has also taken up the mantle of most physically impressive sow on the farm, held so long by 14-2. She has been mated to Thunderstruck 6-5 at Cains and will be a featured sow in our December 12th sale.