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MARCH 16, 2019 • Peter Farms Virtual Bid Board #1

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Welcome to our sale site for our on-farm Virtual Big Board sale on Saturday, March 16th. is hosting this sale and they are managing the bid process. Click the link above to view the full sale offering. 


This offering of 40 lots includes all of our top December and early January farrowed litters.  We have sized our operation down after our “Turning the Page” sales in 2017, but have a high quality, high potential offering of Hampshires, Crossbreds, and Yorkshires.  We have worked with two young families in producing these litters and are very excited about their potential.


We believe this format will offer customers from Northeast Missouri and Western Illinois a good opportunity to see this offering, beginning March 13th, by appointment, on-site at 1974 E 1175th St., Mendon, IL. (Just off of IL 336, 5 miles south of Mendon.  Viewing prior to sale day can be arranged by calling Mark at 217-257-1381.  The barn will open a 9:00 a.m. Saturday, March 16th, with the Bid Board closing at 1:00 p.m. Central time.  The mechanics of the bid board are explained on and we will have personnel on hand to assist in the bidding process.


We realize that online sales do not suit everyone’s needs and hope the chance to see these pigs live and have the time to discuss your needs, one-on-one, will enhance the process of selecting pigs for all of our customers.  We will work to get purchases to new owners that are not onsite on the 16th, as we have in previous sales.  Call or text for details—Mark at 217-257-1381 or Aaron at 573-473-0150.


An additional service of this sale will be having Miles Toeynes of IL serve as a consultant for this event.  Miles is well-established as a top tier swine judge and person with extensive knowledge of the showpig industry.  He would be happy to discuss the offering on sale day or prior to the sale.  He can be reached at 618-420-9413.


The balance of this page will consist of a list of all of the litters in the offering, pictures of some of the sows that the the mothers, breeding information and comments on some of the offering.



Litter 7 Hamps:  This late November litter is out of the daughter of top selling female, pictured, in our June, 2017 sale.  She is sired by Golden Eagle, an old-line Hampshire boar from the early 2000’s that is known to generate muscle and correctness in a bigger package than man current bloodlines.  There are two excellent barrows, lots 3 and 4, and two bigger structured, correct gilts, lots 2 and 5.


Litter 12 is an extremely deep, well bred cross litter with 7 high quality pigs being offered.  They are mid-December farrowed out of a Heimer bred blue cross sow and the T132 boar, standing at Jesse’s stud.  The lot 12 barrow is marked really nice and has lots of eye appeal.  Lots 7 and 8 are a pair of really nice belted gilts that could work for early jackpots and WPX.  Lot 10 is another belted, massive built female.  Lots 9 and 11 are blue marked power barrows that have real flexibility for early summer events.

Litter 1 is an early pure Hamp litter out of an excellent Landcaster bloodline gilt, pictured, and Breed ‘Em All at Hi Point.  The grandmother of this litter is our foundation No Debate sow that has produced high selling EXPO entries, last year’s IL State Fair Champion Hamp boar, and an NJSA second place barrow last year.  The lot 13 and 14 gilts in this offering are elite prospects for EXPO and Louisville.  They are balanced, extended in their front ends, and have muscle, bone, and natural width.   They need to be studied by people looking for a big-time Hamp show gilt.  Lots 17 and 19 are big boned, balanced prospects with national show possibilities and lots 16 and 18 are massive built, moderate framed barrows that can compete well at Jr. shows in early summer.

Litter 2 is out of a The Program gilt, pictured, and Prime Time at Shaffer’s Gold Rush.  The lot 20 gilt is massive, correct, and balanced.  She is a later December farrowing date and again is Expo/Louisville caliber.

Litter 4 is an early January farrowed litter out of a proven Point Taken sow, pictured, and the good Date Nite boar at Hi Point, bred by Keppy’s in Iowa.  This is our premier Hamp litter with two exceptional barrow prospects in lots 26 and 23.  They are definitely state fair prospects with balance, bone, muscle and look.  Karl Peter saw them this week and could speak to you about them and December gilts lots 13 and 14, if you are looking for elite prospects.  The lot 24 gilt is off-belted, so she would have to show against crosses, but she is good enough to do that.  The lot 27 gilt is complete and balanced and the lot 22 is a high quality, smaller female in the litter.  The lot 25 barrow is behind his powerful brothers, but has the basics to make a competitive prospect by August.

Litter 5 is an early January cross litter out of Deez Nutz, the Parrish/Ellison high-placing and high selling cross boar from the 2018 Missouri State Fair, owned by the Cope family.  Lot 28 is a balanced, fault-free barrow.

Litter 6 is another early January cross litter by Deez Nutz, out of a pure York female.  The two blue backed pigs, lots 29 and 30, are proper in frame size, well muscled, and will make good project pigs.

Litter 7 is a deep, high quality cross litter sired by Deez Nutz and out of an Unwound York female.  There are 8 lots in the sale with the lot 32 blue gilt leading the set.  She is massive, correct, and square built.  The lot 34 barrow is another sure-footed, big legged, blue back that will have friends on the 16th.  Lots 31,33, and 38 are high quality blues from a really nice litter.  The lot 35 belted gilt finishes a deep, high quality litter.

Litter 10
is the youngest litter in the sale, being a mid-January pure York litter out of Capital Gain and another Unwound York sow.  The lots 39 and 40 gilts are giving up age and size to the rest of the set, but have a solid future for anyone who will give them a chance.

Litter 7

Litter 1

Litter 2

Litter 4

APRIL 14, 2019 • Peter Farms Virtual Bid Board #2

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